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What is Employer of Record [EOR]?

An Employer of Record (EOR) is a company that legally employs workers on behalf of another business. We take on all the responsibilities of our corporate clients, including payroll, taxes, benefits, and compliance with employment laws.

Here are some of the benefits of using an EOR:

  • Compliance: EORs have expertise in local employment laws and can help businesses avoid costly mistakes.
  • Scalability: EORs can help businesses scale their workforce quickly and easily.
  • Cost savings: EORs can help businesses save money on payroll, taxes, and benefits administration.
  • Peace of mind: EORs take care of all the paperwork and hassle of international employment, so businesses can focus on their core business activities.

What are the Responsibilities of EOR?

The responsibilities of an Employer of Record (EOR) vary depending on the specific needs of your business. Some of the most common responsibilities of an EOR include:

  • Hiring and onboarding employees
  • Managing payroll and taxes
  • Providing benefits
  • Ensuring compliance with local employment laws
  • Handling HR-related tasks
  • Visa and immigration services
  • Recruitment and staffing services
  • Training and development services
  • Outsourcing of HR functions
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Effortlessly hire and onboard employees across borders without the need to open a local entity

Focus on growing your business while we handle the entire process of employing employees on your behalf. With our solution, you can have dedicated team members working for you without the hassle of entity setup, payroll management, and compliance. Enjoy a seamless and hassle-free experience as we take care of all the necessary details.

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